The Verner Collegium is a professional chamber ensemble comprising members of one of Prague's renowned musical families, the Verner family, whose musical roots can be traced back to the nineteenth century.



New CD - exhibits

H. Purcell: Sonata in D for Trumpet - Pomposo mp3

L. van Beethoven: Sextet op 81b - Rondo mp3

G. Ph. Telemann: Sonata in D for Trumpet  - Spirituoso mp3

W. A. Mozart: Sextet KV 406 - Allegro mp3   Andante mp3    

M. A. Charpentier - Te Deum - Prelude mp3


Chamber Duo

Petr Verner /violin, viola/ a Barbara Küstenová /cembalo, piano/   - Prospekt PDF

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