The Verner Collegium is a professional chamber ensemble comprising members of one of Prague's renowned musical families, the Verner family, whose musical roots can be traced back to the nineteenth century.


The talent of past generations comes down to us in the family's most senior member, the outstanding oboist and teacher Pavel Verner. As Pavel's children themselves launched their own musical careers, the family's domestic music-making activities naturally and logically evolved into the top-standard professional performances that are given by the ensemble today. Above all critics praise the group's tone quality and expressive spontaneity, as well as a stylistic unity that is the result of years of working together and of a high degree of talent.


All the ensemble's members play a significant role in the musical life of Prague. The group is particularly interesting in terms of the versatility of the instrumental combinations it offers. Most of its players are able to play on more than one instrument, which makes for an exceptionally varied palette of possible colours and timbres: oboe, cor anglais, violins, violas, violoncello, double bass, bassoon, recorders, organ, harpsichord, trumpet, flugelhorn, Baroque trumpet and percussion. This broad range of instruments facilitates performance in larger groups (sextet, septet or octet) as well as in smaller chamber combinations (trio, quartet and quintet). The ensemble also works occasionally with vocal soloists Ludmila and Jan Verner.


The Verner Collegium not only performs within Prague and the Czech Republic but also makes appearances abroad.

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